Welcome to The Starving Inspired // Iris Blogs Here.  I am so glad you stopped by!  I hope you enjoy your stay.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a muffin, pull up a chair (or the sofa), and let's chat.

Would you like to contact me?  [email protected]

Are you a professional photographer?  Yes.

How much do you charge for a photo-shoot?  $50 per portrait session (1 hour on location) up to 6 people, each additional person add $10.  Digital images will be delivered to you via disk or thumb drive with a signed print release a la moi.  Wedding packages start at $900 and may vary depending on the size of your wedding...  The wedding package includes pre-wedding consultation, and 8-10 hours of my time on the big day - photographing the preparations, ceremony, formals, and reception.  Additional time on the day of event is $150/hour if needed or requested.  If, however, you want to pay for my plane ticket out of state in order to photograph your out of state event, I am willing to negotiate a lower price for the event.  Email me with any questions or more details.

What kind of camera do you use?  I use a Canon T5i. His name is Anton. When I'm on the move and am lacking time to linger, I will snap a few with my iPhone camera… which has a pretty boss depth of field in my opinion.

Who takes the pictures of you?  Usually Aemelia, or Hal (my tripod).

I’ve known this gal for many, many years, and we’ve been friends for just about as long.  She is one of my very best friends, and, pretty much, a sister.  Her main purpose in life is to keep me from overdosing on orange-flavored tic tacs, but so far she isn’t doing a very good job.  She’s also my favorite travel buddy. (Her blog.)

My first real college friend, and one of my closest.  We like to recite Brian Regan and Tim Hawkins, read each other's minds, and random fits of hysterical laughter, much to the bewilderment of everyone around us.  I couldn’t ask for a better big sister.  Plus, it's nice to know a fellow inhabitant of this earth enjoys food as much as I do.  (She writes a blog, too!)

Erin and I met in the computer lab on campus through Marisa.  We quickly learned that we share multiple shameless fandoms, those of The Doctor and Sherlock among others.  Love this girl.  Much laughs.  Wow.

I'm Iris, a writer, photographer, from the country going to college in the city, dreaming of the future and big adventures (some of which actually do happen), trying to get to heaven, and taking pictures of everything along the way.  I am an INFP, Catholic, and proud of both.  I channel Anne Shirley and Vivien Maier, and Phoebe Buffay and Jennifer Lawrence are my spirit animals.  And I'm really looking forward to making your acquaintance.
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If have a query, email: [email protected]
I will not share your email or personal information in any way or under any circumstance.


  1. Heehee, you are like the awesome-est person evah :D

    1. Nah... I just write whatever happens to be in my brain at the moment. It often isn't much... :p but thanks, Rae. You're sweet.

  2. Hi Iris! Me and Peregrin of Traveling Home would like to invite you to our little blog party starting this January. Basically we're going to be answering the following questions about JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis... the more people who participate, the merrier!

    Favorite character from Lord of the Rings? (And why?)
    Favorite character from Narnia? (And why?)
    Favorite scene from Lord of the Rings?
    Favorite scene from Narnia?
    Which one did you read first? Is one especially “ingrained” in your memories of childhood as something iconic?
    Which soundtrack do you enjoy more? :)
    Favorite quote from each?
    What do you think about the movie versions of them? Pros and cons, final judgment?
    Most valuable lessons from both?
    Which three characters would you enjoy having supper with and why?
    If you could ask any two characters (from either works) one questions, what would they be?
    What aspect of humanity that CS Lewis writes about do you most appreciate? (For example, the Chronicles of Narnia touches on the mystery of the Person of Christ in a subtle way, and the Screwtape Letters discusses the downfall of man in sin.)
    Which of his works is your favorite, and why?

    We would love if you would join us; just answer the questions and post them when we post ours. :) I hope that makes sense. :) Would be great to have you! God bless!

    1. Ooh that sounds LOVELY, Aspirer! And I would love to tag along if I'm able to! Not sure what life will chuck at my face around that time. Is there a particular date in January you're planning to post this? Or just January in general.

    2. We're still sorting out those details, but probably early January, I'm thinking. Thanks for wanting to tag along; we're so excited!

  3. Hey, it's Peregrin. I just followed you on pinterest (after writing a post about how I should *probably* cool down on the pinterest scene in the next year... ehehe, whatever. Your pinterest is lovely. Here's mine.) (I go by my *real* name... *scatters fairydust everywhere* xD) <3 God bless!

  4. Wow. I'm so scatterbrained - did I TOTALLY forget to post the link to my pins? Here it is. http://www.pinterest.com/mtcatherine325/pins/
    (Watch. I probably posted it twice. I'm so dorky. *stumbles off, clutching sparkles close to heart* xD) *facepalm*



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