Depression In Seniors

At some point in everyone’s life they face a phase of depression. Whether it’s clinically diagnosed or only a short period of time in where the person feels depressed, we’ve all gone through this or while eventually go through it. This can be especially true for seniors, as you get older you start to lose a lot of the people you were close to, it becomes harder to do the things that you once enjoyed, you can’t eat everything you want like when you were younger, and your body in general starts to wither with age. There are ways to deal with this and to try to remain happy with the last years of your life, and ways that you can make your life more enjoyable and not miserable.

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There are many different things you can do to make you life more enjoyable. For example, you can pick up a new hobby or pick up an old hobby you used to have. This can be a great way to rekindle things you used to love to do in the past or a good a way to find something new that you love. Examples can be cooking,baking,art,music,gardening and more. Whatever it is that you want to do there are so many different things you can do. Finding something you like to do is important when you become old, so that you can enjoy your life more while you can.


Losing a loved one can be very hard, especially as you get old. You start to lose everyone you’ve known, people stop coming to visit you, specifically your kids. Losing people is hard, that’s why as you get older it’s important to talk to somebody about how you’re feeling.  Having the right insurance plan is important when seeking treatment.  Get one at  Talking to someone about your feelings is important and shouldn’t just be kept to yourself. It’s hard to find someone in your life that isn’t bias to what you’re going through which is why talking to a counselor instead can be better than just someone in your daily life. Also making sure that you keep in touch with family and old friends over the years is important, keeping in touch with them makes sure that they will continue to be in your life even when you get old. Sending an email or texting them, if you can, are good daily ways to keep in touch.


Overall there’s no hiding the fact that depression and sadness will most likely occur in your elderly years. But making sure you help yourself during these times is very important