Best Tips for Finding Travel Deals in Retirement


Retirement is the best time to travel. There’s a huge world to see out there, and now you have some extra time to get out and see it. With so much information out there on the internet today, finding the best or most trusted deals for travel can be a bit of a challenge. Use these tips to make the most of your travel.

Deal aggregator sites

You may have heard of travel sites like Priceline, Trivago, TripAdvisor, or Travelocity. Although each have unique aspects, they all work by utilizing the same kind of technology. They have all of the essential travel companies’ data feeding into their website in one central location, such as flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. With all that data available in one place, the traveller can search for dates they want to travel, and simply compare the prices of all the different travel vendors for the services they want.


Being able to compare prices between companies makes decision making that much easier for you, and in addition to that, you may also run into special deals or discounts either from the travel vendor or from the travel website as well. Since there are many travel website out there competing with each other to offer essentially the same service, many of them want to get you to commit to their site by offering rewards and loyalty programs. The more you use their services, the more points you accumulate which can potentially be used towards future trips.


Most of these sites are free to join, you only need to submit your email address and create a profile so they can send you deal information and track your shopping habits. They make money off your data, not from you directly.  Get a supplement plan G for 2019 at

Travel Agent

If you don’t want to mess with the hassle or confusion of travel websites, it may be worth it to spring for the convenience of a good ‘ol fashioned travel agent. For a fee upfront, let a professional handle finding all of the best travel deals and arrangements to suit your needs. Most of them can even check your Medicare supplement plans to make sure any medical emergencies that might occur overseas will still be covered.


Travel agents have access to all the right databases and sometimes they even have the right connections for deep discounts simply from recommending their clients to the same hotels or other travel vendors over time. Take advantage of their discounts and have yourself a fantastic trip!