November 29, 2015


Good morrow, Hanlin family!

I hope y'all had a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving filled with family and/or friends and delicious foodstuffs! Life has been exceedingly lazy on my end of the world for the last few days and I've been relishing (almost) every moment of it, though to be honest I can only maintain my sanity for so long with nothing to do. All the Christmas presents I've gathered so far have been wrapped, the kitchen has been cleaned (a few times), and many episodes of Phineas and Ferb have been watched, but now it's safe to say that I'm looking forward to the work week's beginning.

Anywho, my roommate Rebecca and I took another Saturday excursion into town amid the beautiful first snowfall of winter, and I spent Thanksgiving afternoon with my parents. That's this week's vlog. Enjoy!

November 24, 2015

Easy Peasy Mac'n Cheesy (peas optional)

Hello, Hanlin Family!

One of my all-time favorite meals as a child was my mom's from-scratch macaroni and cheese - it was necessary for survival and almost wholly responsible for my physical development into a semi-functional teenage human, and I happily rediscovered it a few weeks ago. So today, I thought I'd pass this recipe on to you, my dear readers, with a few of my own modifications.

Cast of Characters:

November 14, 2015


Salutations, Hanlin family!

I am out of town this weekend, so I have a different sort of video for y'all this time around. On our way to Grand Haven for Memorial Day Weekend back in September (you may remember this trip because we vlogged the whole thing), Aemelia and I decided to film a "best friend tag," since we were stuck in a car for three hours and we'd been meaning to anyway. Annnnnnd, I've just had the chance to edit it. Kids, life gets "totes cray" when you become an adult. Brace yourselves.

Hope you enjoy! (Apologies for the background noise... my vehicle is ancient and grumpy.)

November 8, 2015


Hello, Hanlin family!

Welcome back to my wee corner of the internet.

Rebecca and I have been mostly settled in our new (I think it still counts as new) apartment for about three months now, and our lives have finally slowed down just enough to have a house-warming party of sorts. Basically, it's just an excuse to have some friends over for drinks and finger food. And by "slowed down," I mean that in all of September, October, and November, we had one weekend when were were both definitely going to be home at the same time.

Anyway, it was a load of laughs, and I vlogged it.

November 5, 2015

The Martian (PG-13) 2015 | Movie Review

Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 2h 22m
Released: 2 Oct 2015
Director: Ridley Scott
Starring: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Sebastian Stan, Kate Mara, Chiwitel Ejiofor, Sean Bean

A few weekends ago, Jacob and I went to see Ridley Scott's new film, The Martian, a film that I personally had been anticipating since the trailer was first released.

Caught in an unexpectedly fierce storm on the surface of Mars, a team of astronauts scrambles to blast the Ares III shuttle away from certain death, when botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is struck by debris and sent flying. The crew reluctantly - and that's a mild word for it - leaves him behind, presuming him dead.

November 2, 2015


Hello, Hanlin family!

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day! My week/weekend was full of wine, friends, and soccer. It was fun. ;)