March 21, 2015

Arbonne GIVEAWAY {now closed}

Thanks to everyone for participating! If you're interested in getting full size products or getting a big discount, email Tina at or find her on Facebook at Christina Dirkes' Arbonne International! Looking forward to seeing you there! :)

Hello there, Hanlin family (and newcomers)!

Before you run screaming from all this healthy stuff, let me just say that I am very excited about this giveaway, folks. I refrained from writing a "new year, new me" type post at the beginning of the year, but since January, I have been making an effort, a little at a time, to purge my diet and make healthier eating choices (she writes, as she plans a recipe video for crepes). But seriously, I'd like to invite you to join me on the journey.

My friend Tina is an LA-based screenwriter, and in her free time works with a vegan cosmetic and supplement line called Arbonne, and she has generously teamed up to host a giveaway for a bundle of lovely, healthy goodies, an effective nutritional starter kit. Today, Tina joins me via the Interwebs to talk a little bit about what we're giving away this week.

Watch this video where I interview Tina about all things Arbonne and this giveaway. :) She also tells us about a super cool project she's working on, Classic Alice.

One winner will receive their choice of the following:

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- Who doesn't love a good shake every so often? Or every morning? This shake mix provides 20 grams of vegan protein, and more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving of 45 g, and delivers a 100% amino acid score. This has been clinically tested, and has been certified to have very little effect on the blood sugar due to it's low glycemic index.

If you're anything like me, you have major cravings for things that aren't necessarily good for you. So when that happens, try one of these chews that will bust your craving and sustain your energy. These chews contain only 30 calories and a proprietary blend to help support the body when undergoing a new diet or exercise regimen.

- For those days you can't afford an afternoon nap, try this. Stir in a fizz stick to create a refreshing and bubbly drink to temporarily help promote alertness and enhance cognitive performance, promote endurance and enhance motor performance, and reduce fatigue. The fizz stick contains antioxidants and a botanical blend of green tea, guarana (a Brazilian berry-like plant), and ginseng (an East Asian plant known for it's healing and medicinal properties), as well as vitamin B and chromium.

- This is perhaps the product I'm most excited about, because y'all know how I like my daily Anthropologie cup of tea. This is caffeine-free herbal tea with 9 botanicals* aimed to support liver and kidney function.

*Milk thistle, Peppermint, Dandelion, Sweet Fennel, Elder, Parsley, Walnut, Uva Ursi, Licorice.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is fill out the Rafflecopter form below! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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  1. Is this open for readers outside of the USA? :)

  2. Arbonne is currently selling to England, Ireland, Australia, and Poland- so if you're in any of those, you're eligible, though I'll be sending a slightly different package (no protein powder samples but your choice of a whole box of fizz sticks or tea) if you're international so we don't have to worry about international shipping!

  3. Also Canada! Sorry, Canadians, didn't mean to forget ya!

  4. I think I'd enjoy the chocolate shake the most!

  5. I think I would enjoy the Lemon flavored fit.

  6. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.. I think I would most enjoy the lemon chews.

  7. I would love to try the protein powder.

  8. Those lemon chews sound good, and I think they'd come in handy! I get random munchy craving ALL the time, where I'm not necessarily hungry but I just want to chew on something. Also, the detox tea sounds fab.

  9. I would love to try the Pomegranate energy sticks.

  10. The pomegranate engery sticks sound super cool!

  11. drink lots of shakes and so want to try this..thanks for the chance

  12. The chocolate protein shake mix.

  13. My Directress is always making their chocolate protein shakes and I've long been eyeing them... this would be PERFECT!

  14. Congratulations to Jennifer H! She won our bundle giveaway!

    1. If anyone was wondering - Rafflecopter is a hands-off drawing website that shuffles entries and chooses a random winner. So, congrats to Jennifer!

  15. Thanks to everyone for participating! If you're interested in getting full size products or getting a big discount, email me at or find me on Facebook at! Looking forward to seeing you there! :)


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