February 28, 2014


We were experimenting with studio lighting in photography class on Wednesday evening.

These are my favorites.

Muchas gracias to the beautiful ladies of the class!

February 26, 2014

viking hats & light sabers

I don’t think us “adults” play enough.  Yes, I referred to myself as an adult and I’m not yet 20.  (Only a few more weeks of that, mind you.)  I think the world would be much less stressed out as a whole if us adults would just let loose every so often and goof off.  Methinks it’s safe to say I operate under the philosophy that growing older doesn’t necessarily mean you have to grow up.

Sometimes you just need to kick off your Sunday shoes and start dancing for no apparent reason…

February 21, 2014

francis, the invitation, & change

Campus Ministry held another mini retreat a few weekends ago, this time focused greatly on the life of St. Francis of Assisi.  One of our speakers, Fr. Tony of the Fantastic Aussie Accent, passed around a statue of Francis and the crucified Lord, something like this image:

February 20, 2014

catholic beauty and the campus chapel

I should start this with a wee intro.  I am currently studying at a Catholic university as many of you know, where, sadly, the Catholic presence has been small and unassuming and bereft of enthusiasm for a substantial part of its 75 years.  But, thanks to Marisa and the others working in campus ministry now, it's just starting to come around (that I can see), and I'd like to give it a little boost, if I can, starting with the redecoration of our dreadfully unsuitable student chapel.  I wrote this as an opinion piece for the university paper.
Having a chapel on campus is a wonderful thing, and having the opportunity to attend daily Mass a tremendous blessing.  But, surrounded by the stark, white walls and dark, industrial carpeting of our student chapel, I can somewhat understand why for the almost two years I’ve been a student at Madonna, I have only ever seen around fifteen people attend any one Mass there.

It used to puzzle me why so much time and effort was put into decorations when it came to churches and chapels and the like, but in a world at times so dark and violent, it’s refreshing.

As Catholics, we believe the Son of God, “by the power of the Holy Spirit, became incarnate from the Virgin Mary,” thereby entering the physical sphere, and as a Catholic university striving to keep a strong Catholic identity, the Chapel should be the most beautiful place on campus. 

A chapel is a meeting place for the people of God, but that’s not all.  It becomes sacred through prayer, the tabernacle in which Christ dwells, and the sacrifice of the Eucharist performed on its altar.  As such, it must be a place that lifts the human heart to prayer.

Now, I'm not saying every church and chapel should look like this:
lined with golden mosaics and marble from wall to wall (though I wouldn't complain if they did)... but at the same time, there's something horribly lacking in the whitewash of a glorified classroom.

Beauty draws you in.  It is an experience, and such extraordinary beauty is found in a number of the older Catholic Churches in the area, including the Felician Sisters’ own Presentation Chapel right across the lawn.  It is, quite literally, a sight to behold in an era so concerned with utilitarianism.  The heart is vulnerable to beauty, and is subsequently opened when surrounded by it.  Beauty is the language of worship.  Eyes are raised to heaven as they fall to their knees in adoration, singing, “Holy, holy, holy.”

Beautiful things only improve as they grow older, and so a beautiful place worship proclaims both the antiquity and eternity of the faith it represents, meant to be crafted to be a witness of the Incarnation and a gently protest against the harshness of the world.

As written by John Keats in his Ode on a Grecian Urn, “beauty is truth, and truth beauty,” and we can capture this beauty in our hearts, opening something within us that’s capable of accepting the truth.  And that truth is, in turn, declared through that beauty: that this Church is going to last eternally.  That she is so beautiful, no worldly ugliness will be able to uproot her or her teaching.

The Catholic life on campus, I think, is really suffering.  It happened over time through a long series of unfortunate events, and thanks to the folks working in the campus ministry, it’s now just starting to come around and have a presence to speak of.

And I think maybe, just maybe, if our Catholic student body could band together and add some magnificence to our student chapel, the spark on campus could have the little kick in the rear it needs to reignite itself.  I would love to see a full chapel for daily mass.
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February 18, 2014

// likeness //

Visible things are images of invisible and intangible things, on which they throw a faint light...

February 15, 2014

crickets on the blog



Man, oh man…  That moment you visit your blog and realize you haven’t written anything of importance for about three weeks, and have a month of blog posts to catch up on.  Lack of inspiration.  Such is my life.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures, anyway.

What’s new on my end of the world, you ask?  Allons-y.

February 2, 2014

happy birthday, baby bloggy!

Yay!  Today is my little blog's second birthday!  Two years ago today, I sat around in a circle with some friends backstage at a high school play rehearsal for Shakespeare's Macbeth, reading some poems by Edgar A. Guest, and I went home to tap out my (super lame, I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-doing) post on this here bloggy.