March 20, 2014

the edge of the water {st. michael's on chesapeake bay}

I was remembering, recently...

When Aemelia and I drove halfway across the country and found ourselves on the inner part of Chesapeake Bay. (And when I had hair that looked as if it had dropped right out of the 70s.)
When we wandered the nearly deserted winter streets of a quaint little town and ogled over the names of lovers painted onto wooden hearts and nailed to the telephone poles.  
When we walked to the edge of the pier - the edge of our country, so tiny in the vast scheme of things - and threw our arms up in the air and said "we made it this far, where should we go next?"  

And when we felt like we owned the world.... and kind of did.
When we (foolishly) balanced the camera on a plastic pier lamp and posed for a picture... and then I got a text.
.... and then we laughed about it and took a nice one.
When we took a break on the "french style" patio tables in the few spots of sunlight we could find, and we laughed about how the sun burned our eyes.
And when Aemelia looked super duper classy when she posed like this...
When we found the magnificent old church with the magnificent red door.
When we found the old antique shop - one of the three town businesses that didn't close for the winter, and the (very) older lady who owned it was the sweetest person because they "don't get many young people around [those] parts," and she decided she liked us.
And then when we got really tired and decided to go back to where we were staying...
Those were good times.  Hopefully more like them will come.
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  1. Stumbling across old photos and thinkin back on adventures shared with friends is always such a happy trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing this little piece of life and lovely shops/ocean with us :]



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