March 1, 2014

~ plans ~

Travel the world.  Travel some more.  

Write a book.  Write another one.  

Fall in love.  Get married.  Stay in love.  Travel with my love.  Write a book of us.  

Sing.  Learn a new language.  

Backpack across Europe.  Stay longer in Ireland.  Backpack from the UP to Alaska.  

Spend a summer abroad.  Maybe live a year abroad.  

Have a baby.  Have another baby.  Travel with my kids.  

Kiss my husband.  A lot.

Have a photo gallery showing.  

Buy an RV.  Travel across the US.  Sleep on a beach.  Do it again.  

Be honest.  

Go on a ride in a hot air balloon.  

Make pancakes on Saturdays.  Make pies on Sundays.  

Live in a house by the water.  (Or somehow keep the one I have already.)  

Sell extra things.  

Plant a garden.  Tend the garden without killing everything.    

Go wedding dress shopping with my daughters.  Meet the girls my boys love.  Write my family’s story.  

Kiss at midnight on New Years in Times Square.  

Photograph what I see.  (In progress.)  

Spend an anniversary in Paris.  Drink good red wine or bad red wine with people I love.  

Explore.  Live with less.  Stop being afraid.

Make lots of bread.  Cook through Mastering the Art of French Cooking.    

Start traditions.  Keep traditions.  

Say “I'm sorry,” “I love you,” “I need you,” “I like you,” and “I miss you.” 

...and understand they're sometimes the same.
(inspired by hannah)
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