March 18, 2014

broiled alaskan salmon (birthday dinner 2014 pt. 3)

Behold, I bring to you the third and final installment of the "birthday dinner 2014" series here at Country Girl's Daybook, another simple recipe that has been used in my house for as long as I can remember, and has been one of my favorites since about then, too.  It's one of the recipes we most often turn to on Meatless Fridays, and honestly, I don't foresee myself ever tiring of the smooth, creamy flavor, melting in my mouth like hot butter with the mild zing of the spices we add to it...


Cast of Characters:
Old Bay Seasoning
Blackened Seasoning
However large a fillet of salmon you want

Set your oven to broil.  Lay out your salmon on a baking sheet.  Sprinkle it evenly and lightly with both blackened and Old Bay seasonings on the up side, and broil for 8 minutes.  Flip the fillet, scrape off any skin (a knife, or pancake turner work great for this), and sprinkle the other side with the spices in the same way.  Broil for 8 more minutes, and then you're ready!


And try not to eat the whole fish at once.

Goes great with spanakopita. ;)

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  1. Oh my, that looks soooo amazing.

  2. Oh goodness. That looks delicious. I'm a huge fan of salmon. <3

    1. Yes, yes. We are most definitely kindred spirits now.


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