March 8, 2014

beef barley soup

Salutations!  This beef barley soup is one of my mother's famous recipes, and one of our house favorites...  I love me a good, wholesome soup, especially during a ridiculous deep freeze.  Thank you, Michigan.


3 pounds lean stew beef
1 large yellow Spanish onion, diced
1 pound baby cut carrots, diced
1 1/2 stalk celery, diced
1 28 oz can of petite cut diced tomatoes with juice
8 oz medium pearled barley
2 cubes of Beef Bullion
Salt and pepper to taste


Dice the onion, and cut the beef into small, edible-sized pieces.  But both in your pot, on a high enough setting to brown both.
Dice the celery and carrots, and add them to the pot.
Add water, enough to cover everything in the pot (probably 2-3 inches deeper than the ingredients), bring to a boil, and stir in the bouillon.
Bring to a boil, add barley.  Simmer for 30 minutes, and enjoy!
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  1. Looks like a soup I had as a child, except yours has tomatoes. How many servings in the recipe?

    1. Always happy to bring back memories! Hopefully they're good ones! I'd say at least a dozen servings. :)


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