October 4, 2013

Princess Merida ~ 7QT (vol. 23)

And this.

And Princess Merida.

I've been trying to pick only one of Clare's posts to highlight today, but I can't do it.  They're just all good, and every single one of them resonates with me personally in a different way.  So, go read her blog, y'all.  She's fantastic.  Cari wrote a piece about how her "bloggy friends" are not bloggy friends, but are real friends, and I think that's the case with a good deal of my new friends.  I've been made fun of because I call some of my peeps on the Interwebs my friends, but like Cari, I think the friends we can make on social media are just as real as the friends we can make at work or at school.  "To pretend like there's some hierarchy of friendship is to pretend like the people on the other end of your computer screen are less than human."  Now, I'm not saying that EVERYONE I meet online or am connected with online are my friends - there's a prudence involved in that.  And I'm getting away from my point here.  Man, I'm good at that.  What I'm trying to say is this:  Clare is my friend.  She has a beautiful life and beautiful things to say, and she is constantly an inspiration to me.  I can't wait until we can meet in person someday.  :)  So go read her blog too.
It kills my heart, but I'm beginning to think the notion of professionalism has been completely smitten from our culture, folks...  I won't talk about the teenage high schoolers who thought twerking at me would get them my business at their car wash gas station (not a fan of those anyway), but I will say this.  I usually pack my own food on a long day of classes and/or pet visits, but this past Monday, I didn't have the time in the morning, so I was forced into Subway to grab a sandwich before hustling off to the next thing.  I was the only customer in the restaurant at the time, and the young man who was helping me was talking on his Bluetooth the entire time.  I probably should have said something or called the manager later, but I wimped out and decided just to be inwardly annoyed instead.  Probably not the best option.  But seriously, since when is it okay to be chatting it up with your obviously-girlfriend whilst you're on duty - which entails dealing with other humans!?  Oh, humanity...  Y U SO impolite?
"I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." - Anne Shirley (L. M. Montgomery)
What can I say... I just really like this song...  and so now it's the Country Girl's Daybook song of the week.  Enjoy!  And happy Friday, everyone!
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  1. Oh my goodness, Iris! Today was one of those grey days for one, one of those if-it's-already-Friday-why-can't-it-just-be-the-weekend days. And then I came here and... !!!! Sunshine and color and love! You've made my day. One way or another we're going to meet up someday and go riding on horses and photographing and have an amazing time. ♥♥♥ God bless you, dear friend.

    1. :D One day. One day, it will happen. ♥ Love you, girl!

  2. Your photography is beautiful! And I agree...customer service and professionalism leave a lot to be desired these days!

    1. Thank, you Beth! Congratulations on the newcomer!! :)


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