October 1, 2013

get set - go; photo challenge mission #1

HEYDY HOWDY HO HO HO MERRY OCTOBER, EVERYONE!  Don't know about all y'all, but I am super excited this morning... because, do you know what October 1st means in Country Girl's Daybook Land?
Photo Challenge Mission Numero Uno!  

I had so much fun thinking up these challenges over the past weeks, and I can't wait to get started.  You'll probably be happy to know that I'll be doing these right along side you, so if, perchance, I make you do something crazy, I'll look just as strange doing it as y'all will.  I be doin' thangs I hain't never done before!

Now, as any self-respecting challenge goes, there must be rules and regulations and whatnot.

- These challenge missions are a project.  They're not contests at the moment, because I'm a poor college kid and lack the funds to give out prizes at the moment.  (Email me if you'd like to donate to the prize fund.)  So just have fun!  No one is going to be graded/judged/whateeeeever.  You don't have to be a pro.

- Thou shalt follow the challenge...  for example, if the challenge is to find a sunflower and take a picture of it, I won't accept a picture of your hamster, even though it's probably adorable.  This is what makes it fun, though - seeing different takes on the same challenge.

- Thou shalt take said picture in the highest resolution available to you.

- Thou shalt only submit one entry per person.

- Thou shalt only submit new photos (i.e., taken after I release the challenge details), unless specified by a particular challenge.

- Thy photos shall not be captioned unless specified by a certain challenge.

- Thy photos shall not have a watermark.

- Thy photos shall not have been published anywhere else.  Part of the fun is looking at all of them together. ;)

- Submissions shalt be emailed to me, at

[email protected]

with the subject "Photo Challenge Mission #[whatever number it happens to be]."

- Thou shalt give me also the link to your blog or website if you would like a mention.

- I shall post all submissions on my blog the day after the due date, so we can have some fun and explore each other's work!  They shall be posted in the order in which they were received, with a link to your blog or website in the caption.

- Thou shalt tell your friends about these challenges so they can join in our photographic revelry.

That being said, LET'S HAVE SOME FUN, SHALL WE?

Country Girl's Daybook Photo Challenge Mission # 1:

Find someone you love, be it your significant other, sibling, a bro, parent, best friend, etc....
Point a camera at him/her.
Tell him/her, "I love you," and take a picture of the moment they react.

Submissions due on or before October 16.

Have fun!!  I am so looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.
Thank you for participating, and tell your friends, so they can join in the fun!
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