September 27, 2013

apocalypse - 7QT (vol. 22)

1.  I have been toying with the idea of hosting a monthly or bimonthly photo challenge contest here on le blog, and I had a pretty good response last night on the CGD Facebook Page, so I think I'mma just gonna do it!  Because of school and life and the fact I have to make a list of challenges, I probably won't start it up until October or maybe November.  Stay tuned for more details! :)  This will be fun!

2.  I try not to pick favorite classes because I don't want to end up neglecting my other ones, but I'm beginning to think I have one anyway...  graphic design.  Not only is my professor just a fantabulous person (and a terrific teacher), I love the projects.  I like the hands-on work as opposed to the lectures - not that I dislike the lectures, but you know what I mean.  We get to make stuff like this:

and experiment with how different fonts have the capability to portray a certain emotion, and make patterns out of cut up newspapers.  Only in graphic design class is spending two hours cutting all the letter "o"s out of newspaper totally normal.  And I love it.

3.  I was looking through an auto salvage yard with my parents yesterday for some parts for the Swagger Wagon, and the only recurring thought in my head, other than "gee, I hope they have what I need," was "I feel like I'm in the middle of the apocalypse."  Seriously!  It was perfectly silent apart from my footsteps, and I was surrounded by hundreds of smashed up vehicles piled carelessly atop one another.  How eerie.

4.  Enzo, for whom I've finally decided on the nickname, Zozo, has a new favorite treat.  He is smitten. Completely and irrevocably.  And he's cute and fat while being so.
5.  Do you Insta?  I Insta.  Look me up @countrygirldb!
6.  "If you don't learn to laugh at life, it'll surely kill you." ~ Brom, The Child Thief

7.  The song of the week is Camera One by Josh Joplin.


  1. Yes, the photo challenge sounds like a great idea. Every so often I feel like I need something like that to motivate me, so I'll decide to choose a random word and see what photos I can out of it, but... I never get around to it. Or I think I'll take a photo every day for a month, but... I never get around to it. You see how it goes! lol.

  2. I heard this song once before on Scrubs, couldn't find it for a while, so that just made my day... thanks for being awesome!

    1. SCRUBS!! That's where I heard it first. :) my pandora is set to the soundtrack for that show... Best ever. Thanks for reading! :D


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