August 31, 2013

{simple saturday} Chloe's prayer

Well, we had quite a fright last night around 10:00 (Aug. 30).  Angela's brain pressure spiked dangerously, and she was put back on strong meds for sedation to keep the pressure down.  The doctors had performed another routine CAT scan at 3:30 yesterday afternoon (we do not have the results yet), and as of 5:00, she was under the meds, with her brain pressure safely at 19.  At 10:30, she was not oxygenating well, and that's when I started giving rapid fire updates on Facebook.  Myself and friends, Mrs. Fife and Kate, rushed to our parish's perpetual adoration chapel to pray and keep watch while many from our group prayed a rosary.  At 12:30, praise the Lord, Angie was finally stabilized though very fragile, as can be expected, and Mr. D had offered a beautiful prayer at her bedside.  Her brother, Michael, was able to leave his college and be with his family.  All your prayers are greatly appreciated, and we ask that you keep them coming!!  (She is back on the coma-inducing medications at this point, in order to control the swelling in her brain, and will be for the next several days.)

Last night, when I first heard of all this, I messaged a friend of mine, Chloe', whom you've heard about here a few times, and who I've always known to be a powerful prayer warrior, begging her for prayers and freaking out, and this is what she responded with.  What touched me the most is that Chloe' had never even heard about Angie before tonight - no idea who she is - and yet she still poured out her heart into this beautiful little prayer.  If anyone is living out the role of "Child of God," it's Chloe'.  I tell you, I have no idea what I've done to deserve such amazing friends, but God has really laid 'em on me over the years.  This is....
Dear God.
I know it's a little stormy in our minds right now, where we feel disconnected from You and Your grace. From the flood of voices and updates coming at us every which way. 
We need You now. Need Your peace.
Let us take a second to get to that still small voice.
Father, your little girl Angela - You've been watching her real closely these past few days. 
Holding her in Your strong able arms. 
We ask, as painful as it is - but stepping out into faith - that Your will be done.
Lord, if you need her right now or if You see her impacting more lives for Your kingdom in the future.
Thank you for Angela.
Thank you for her heart and soul. 
I ask for her to be in no pain.
I ask that Jesus blood covers her and that she may be blessed with more days.
We love you, Father.
Your children need You
Thank you for being right beside us in this difficult time.
Thank you for hearing us.

Tears.  We are so blessed.


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