August 22, 2013

{phfr} softball

Before my grandparents (my mother's parents) passed away, they made it a tradition for their 13 children and their families to have a reunion every summer.  It's always a great time to catch up, show off children and grandchildren, and to celebrate the family together.  I'm always amazed at how quickly the little ones are growing up...  I know I used to be one of them, but now I'm watching it from a whole different perspective.  Tempus definitely fugit.

At the reunions, we have a standing horseshoe throwing tournament and softball game.  In the spirit of our Irish heritage (on my grandpa's side), my grandparents taught all of their children how to throw horseshoes, and now at the reunion every summer, we draw out a chart and hold a tournament.  My cousin, John, even made a fantastic wooden trophy (that I forgot to take a picture of) the champions keep at their house until the next year.  It's a beautiful wooden box, with the box base maybe a foot tall, with a stake and horseshoes on top, and a magnetic picture frame on the front to hold a picture of the winning team, which is swapped out yearly to honor the new champions as they come.  My dad and I always play as partners, but we only made it to the second round this year - and it was a darn close game...  You'd be surprised how intense we get over these things.  But, hey.  It's important!

And then there's the annual softball game, which is always a blast, even though I can't play well at all... It's the thought that counts, right?  My job is to take pictures.

Anyway, here is my contribution to this week's Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real, all bundled together.  My thoughts behind this are:
Pretty - We are one darned good-looking family, y'all.
Happy - We have our disagreements and differences, that's for certain, but I think it's still safe to say we're one big happy family.
Funny - We just are.
Real - It's softball, folks.  Ain't no daydreaming allowed on that field.

Do your families have special traditions? Share!


  1. How fun! What an awesome tradition. We have a family reunion in the fall, but the average age 65+ so it's just a potluck. It seems the older generations at the reunion--like my dad/aunts/uncles and even older like my grandparents--are much closer than the younger generation which includes myself.

    3-2-1 Party

  2. That looks like a great tradition. We just usually go-cart and eat Jell-o. :) And Curly Dude, you have swell hair.


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