August 23, 2013

i give opinions you may not have asked for ~ 7QT (vol. 19)

Once more, I'm asking you for prayers.  A friend of mine was involved in a serious car accident, and ended up getting a wedge fracture in his spine.  Thank God he doesn't need surgery and is doing very well, but now he must wear a full chest and neck brace for the next twelve weeks, and I can only imagine how difficult and frustrating that must be...  But we can get through anything by the grace of God, right?  Right.  A few Memorares would be fantastic.  Thanks, all.
Talking about frustration, there are few things quite as frustrating as having a malfunctioning computer, especially when a good deal of your life depends on having a good one...  I took her in to the Mac store a few days ago, and haven't heard back yet, so here's hoping it wasn't too serious.  I have an inkling there's something wrong with the hard drive, even though I've been making sure not to fill it up too much.  Ah well... in the meantime, cheers to family fighting over the desktop computer.

Also, this happened last week.  Apparently, this mouth o' mine decided to go and get all poofy and painful on me.  NOT COOL, and the dentist doesn't even know why.  So, they took X-rays and gave me drugs and sent me on my way, promising they'd call me when they know what's wrong.  That hasn't happened yet.  So I'm just putzing around, waiting for it to go away.  Being a mystery medical patient is no mucho funno.  But at least I don't have to deal with Dr. House.  That would probably make me snap like a twig.  Anyhow, pain.

I'm not much of a television person...  Honestly, I think there's too much garbage out there and not enough good programs to justify getting cable (I've lived without it for the past nineteen years and I've turned out pretty... normal), but I have Googled and YouTubed different shows on occasion when they're recommended by a trusted source.  I end up not caring for most of them for various reasons, but sometimes I do stumble across a treasure (like Scrubs and Rizzoli & Isles and The Big Bang Theory, though admittedly even they are extremely inappropriate at times) and I will amuse myself with it on the YouTube. Anywho, Question for my mom friends:  Do your kids have access to cable tv?  Why or why not?
A few of my readers have been asking what classes I am enrolled in this coming semester.  Heading toward my bachelors, I'll be attending two journalism classes, Introduction to Graphic Design and Public Relations Writing.  The others serve as general education classes, as well as completing another part of the education goal set up by my university:
World Problems (analysis of the most significant contemporary world issues confronting the international community of nations and citizens of United States)
New Testament: The Four Gospels (religious studies - a critical treatment of religious and political conditions of the first century A.D., of the Gospels and the distinctive approaches of the four evangelists to the life, message, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ)
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Isn't it amazing how the love of "tolerance of diversity" comes to such an abrupt halt when it comes to the Christians who try to speak out?  I mean, people are supposed to be quiet, go with the flow, and accept whatever others do or believe, but once the Christians start to preach, the world swoops in and does its best to shut them up.  If you ask me (which you didn't, but I'm answering anyway), there's a grievous imbalance going on here...  Remind me to write more about that.
Quote of the week:
Song of the week is a classic brought to you by Neil Diamond, Delirious Love.

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Happy Friday, all!
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  1. Praying for your friend! God bless! ♥

  2. Praying! We've never had cable, because it's just so much easier to find good shows online, without waiting for showtimes or channels. It's a lot more convenient and far easier to filter out the crap (although there are some annoying feminist commercials before Murdoch Mysteries... grrr). God bless you! :)

    1. Thanks. :) Same here... we've never had cable and usually just look stuff up online. Murdoch as in Iris Murdoch? LOVE HER!

  3. Don't forget to write about #5 ;)

    Praying for your friend.


    We do have cable right now so we can watch Spartan football in the Fall. We usually end up canceling it after that. But, Ellen gets to watch PBS in the mornings (and when Mike works super late nights). No commercials, educational, cute. I don't view it as a bad thing - just something to be done in this glass of wine I'm drinking ;)

    1. Haha thanks. ;)

      Yes... That is an upside. I was living with an older couple for a few months last year to help them out until the husband passed away, and having cable there was VERY convenient when it came to sports...

    2. The only concern I have with the little ones is how fixated they can become on these things... Yes, moderation is key.

  4. We don't have cable. There are few things worth watching,IMO. When I was in the hospital having Frances I was all excited b/c of Food Network but the commercials were AWFUL! I ended up shutting it off...sigh. Oh well. My kids do have Netflix but it's not unlimited access, obviously.

  5. NO, our children do not have access to cable tv. Event the regular, free channels have so much junk on them. Weird about your mouth. Hopefully the dentist and the computer dr can fix you and your computer up this week.

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