August 4, 2013

{gratitude sunday} scrrrrrrumptious

No, not food.  Sorry.

Sweet Canadian Grace of MissMarch has graciously extended a second Scrumptious Blog Award my way!  And, since my life seems to squash the inspiration to write anything decent or substantial from the end of July through the middle of September, and answering questions from my readers (and fellow bloggers) is usually pretty fun, I thought what the hey?  I’ll snatch that.  So snatch I did.

Thank you, Grace!

Y’all may safely ignore this post, but only after you go visit Grace’s blog.

Here are the rules for this thang:
1.  Once awarded, write about it on your blog with a link back to the person who awarded you.
2.  Answer the questions written by the person who awarded you.
3.  Pass the award on to five to ten other blogs.
4.  Some pointless rule everyone ignores anyway about how many readers your nominations have to have.
5.  Come up with ten questions for your nominees.
6.  Keep it clean and refrain from using vile language.

Grace’s queries to yours truly:
1.  Who is your favourite martyr?
Definitely Maria Goretti.  Though shorter than many, she has a life to live by.
2.  C.S. Lewis or G.K. Chesterton?
3.  Something you love that everyone else thinks is totally nuts?
Orange tic tacs.  Too many people do not understand the pure magnificence of these tiny bits of heaven.
4.  Do you have a special relationship with a saint or member of the Holy Family?
Maria Goretti.  Read why here.
5.  Favorite painting or sculpture?
This one:
6.  Most annoying thing in books?
When the characters to whom I become very attached: a) say something irreparably stupid, b) do something irreparably stupid, or c) die.
7.  Your Achilles Heel, food-wise?
Well, my first response is “orange tic tacs,” but I don’t know if that qualifies as food, so I have to say my mother’s lemon/spinach/soy sauce/sesame seed/parsley catfish recipe.  Heaven, y’all.
8.  Do you have a scarring childhood memory involving seagulls, garden rakes, or telephones?
Um, no, actually…  I did fall out of a bunk bed onto a vacuum cleaner once at summer camp, and haven’t cared for either vacuums or bunk beds since….
9.  How would you prefer to die – unknown martyrdom, poverty for the Kingdom, or peacefully after a long arduous life?
Peacefully after a long, arduous life. :)
10.  Have a really good Catholic joke?
Sadly, I do not.  I am so bad at remembering things like that…

I would like to nominate these bloggies:
Mae Mae @ MaeMae

Annnnnd my queries for these lovely ladies are:
1.  What is your favorite song to play while you’re working?
2.  Which book character would you most like to be friends with in real life?
3.  If someone asked you for a random piece of advice, what would you say?
4.  Your favorite non-American food (Mexican, Asian, Thai, etc…)?
5.  Who is your favorite poet?
6.  Sharks?
7.  What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you since you started blogging?
8.  What is your favorite place to read?
9.  Which person of the Old Testament do you most admire and why?
10.  Describe your worst kitchen disaster.  (Muaha, I’m looking forward to this one.)

Happy Sunday, all!  Have a great day.  Make it a great day.

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  1. Aw, thanks for the kind words, sweet American Iris! :) Orange Tic-Tacs FOR THE WIN, PEOPLE.


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