August 28, 2013

good times - angela

Well, since many of you have agreed to pray with us for dear Angela, I thought I might have you get to know her a little bit, and tell some stories.  (I told you Instagrammers I'd do that on Monday, but I wasn't able to.  Sorry.)
Hmmmm, let me see.  Angie is...  stunning, genuine, hilarious, sweet, kind, honest, reliable, gregarious, sincere, upright, faithful, intelligent, affable, exuberant, inspiring, gentle, optimistic, modest, patient, sensible, self-confident, independent, holy.

Angela is one of those friends I've been friends with for so long, we don't even remember how we became friends in the first place.  We have a standing joke that we've known each other since birth, since our parents have been friends for as long as we can remember.

We'd get ourselves into all sorts of trouble with the valiant assistance of our older brothers...  When my mom used to help Angie's mom clean their house once a week, Navy brother and I would go along to do homework, only our parents would separate the pairs of us, because they knew we'd never get anything done if we tried to work together.  Unfortunately for the parents and fortunately for us, we discovered that the laundry chute in one of their bathrooms
upstairs opened in the ceiling of our study room downstairs, and we rigged a thread and a safety pin through the chute so we could pass notes.  (Sorry, mom.)  We wrote a pretty good poem about the cavalry once, too, but that got lost a while ago because, well... life.

Another summer afternoon, we caught a goose in their backyard with the help of our buddy Gabe - which was quite an accomplishment in itself - and accidentally let it loose in their garage with the door closed.  Even though said goose was understandably furious and scared us out of our wits, nothing was damaged (luckily) apart from our pride in successfully snaring a wild animal.  Thinking back, I'm not exactly sure what we were trying to do with it anyway.  I hope we weren't trying to bring it in the house.  That would have been... interesting.

Angela, Michael (her brother), and I went on our first March for Life together, piled into their minivan with Michael's friend, Kevin, with Mrs. D and her friend, Jen (known to us as Aunt Jen), as our chaperones.  Those were good times...  Crammed in the back seat surrounded by pillows, playing games of I Spy, Go Fish, flash camera battles, and four-person Telephone (which is infinitely more fun that it might sound).  During one of the rounds of Telephone, we were driving through the mountains of Pennsylvania, and Angela started us off by whispering, "Don't fall off the edge!"  By the time it went all the way around, the sentence had morphed into something like "Clooney claw coffee cloggage," and to this day, we don't even know why we found it to be so hilarious, but we were rolling around just as if Brian Regan, the master of all things comedic, had paid us a visit.  We still snort about that sometimes.

And then there's the little things.  Like making pancakes out of fortune cookie batter because we were too impatient for them to harden in the refrigerator, sneaking spoonfuls of ice cream from the freezer (sorry, Mrs. D!), accidentally breaking a window by throwing a football into it (we blame the boys), and nursing a bird after it flew into the living room window.

Praise God for these friends who give us some of our favorite memories.  Who have, no doubt, grown and changed, but are still so much the same, and who are willing to jump whole heartedly back into a friendship like nothing at all has changed, even after being away for a long time.

So please keep her in your prayers.  We are all really looking forward to seeing that smile again.  Soon.
We ran into each other at the March for Life this year.
She was with her school from the East Coast and I was with Aemelia.
What a beautiful surprise.


  1. That's the kind of stuff that makes me smile :)

  2. That is so awesome to be able to grow up with someone like that and make so many great memories with her :) She sounds like an awesome person! She's in my prayers!

    1. Amen to that, sister. She is definitely a blessing. Thank you so much for the prayers. ♥

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I've been praying for her, and it's really nice to know a little bit more about her so I can make my prayers that much more personal. God bless her! ♥

    1. Oh you are welcome! Thank you for praying so dedicatedly... We all appreciate it tremendously. ♥ They took her off all meds yesterday, and her brain started swelling again today, so we're just praying that will stop in particular at the moment. God bless YOU!!


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