August 9, 2013

ghosts - 7QT (vol. 15)

1.  Last Friday morning, my mother joined a few other ladies on a pilgrimage to the tomb of Father Solanus Casey in Detroit, and came back with a little gift for me:
Brand spankin' new phone cover, complete with one of my favorite paintings of the Virgin.  Horseproof, kidproof, floorproof.  A very good investment, if you ask me.

3.  I saw Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me last Sunday evening, and was really quite impressed!  There were a few plot holes that I can’t totally ignore, thanks to my annoyingly observant brain, but it was well worth it because the rest of the film was so great.  And the soundtrack was probably the best original score I’ve heard in a while…  Music plays a large role in making a movie, in my opinion.
4.  As stated yesterday on the Book of Face, apparently there is a ghost named Martha living in the quaintly the general store across the street from where I am staying this week for work.  I always find ghost stories intriguing...  I don't know about you kind folk, but I believe in ghosts.  I don't believe in making an attempt to communicate with them, army faith forbids it, but I do believe they exist and are around us. 

 5.  This shirt came in the mail!!!  And I love it.  I saw Jenna's post and fell in love.

Caitlin thought it says "last night a booger saved my life."  Do with that information what you wish.

6.  Quote of the week, courtesy of Emily and Walt Witman:  “Do anything, but let it produce joy.”

7.  Song of the week is Hello Fascination by Breathe Carolina (who I’m going to see live on Sunday!).

Have a great day, all!  Make it a great day.  And happy, happy Friday.

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  1. Oooh, I love that phone case! Lovely!

  2. What a pretty phone cover. And I laughed out loud at your friend's comment on the t-shirt. :)


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