August 17, 2013

birthday girl

Happy Simple Saturday, everyone!  Today, we're linking up a little bit differently, since it's a very special person's birthday.  This is how it'll work:  If you were planning to post a link to your Simple Saturday blog post here, go instead to my Facebook page and post your link to my wall.  I look forward to stalking you!

Now, back to the Special Person, one of the brightest, sparkliest lights of my life, Caitlin.

What can I say?  I love this girl to bits, y'all...  It seemed like just yesterday we were shoved next to each other in the tiny back seat of a pick-up for the four-hour ride to a young girls' summer camping trip Up North, and she ended up letting me sleep on her shoulder because I kept dozing off during the Rosary, and she didn't want me to hurt my neck.

And ever since then, what a tremendous blessing she has been and continues to be.  What an honor to grow and live alongside this girl, who has always been there for me as a sister, a friend, and an inspiration (and a slap in the face when I needed one).

"Faithful friends are beyond price, and no amount can balance their worth," (Sirach 6:15) and this girl is an unbelievable treasure.

A very, very blessed and happy 19th birthday to my best friend.  I love you, Caitlin!

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