August 27, 2013

an angela update, red paint & a chicken coop

Good morning, readers!  An update on Angela:  She is doing well, considering her condition is critical as it is.  On the night of the accident (August 25), her brain pressure was in the high twenties and spiking into the thirties - anything above twenty is dangerous.  After her surgery yesterday, which, according to the doctors, went very very well, her brain pressure is holding steady at four.  The surgeons successfully removed two pieces of her skull to relieve this pressure, and she was more settled last night because of this.  She is, however, still in critical condition and her family humbly asks for your intensive prayers over the next 3-5 days.  At present, Ange is in a medically induced coma to give her brain a chance to heal. It will continue to swell over the next 2-4 days, and then the swelling will begin to abate. As that occurs, the doctors will begin to wean her off of the medications inducing her coma and see how she handles the brain activity.  She needs to remain quiet so she can move forward in this critical step to her recovery.  Thank you all for your love and support and prayer...  please, please keep it coming!  Angela's family is asking specifically for prayers for healing and restoration of Angela's brain function and abilities, and for her complete recovery.

(To clarify, Angela's injury is primarily to her brain. She did not break any bones, and suffered minor abrasions and bruising to her lung.)

Five or so years ago, when my mother first conceived the idea of raising chickens, she bought an old rabbit hutch from our neighbor to use as a chicken coop.  It wasn't nearly big enough, so my father opened up the back and attached an addition, making it a double-wide.

And just yesterday, my mother decided to paint it, because, well, it looked like this:
and this
left - original
right - addition

and this.

And so we painted.
And painted.
With the occasional interruption from this guy.

And his very unenthused partner in crime...

I have always loved red paint.
It's so bright and cheery and lively.

A present from me for my mother a while back.
And another from my Aunt Linda.

And we painted.

 And painted.
And eventually,

Have a great Monday, all.

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  1. Love it. And the tin roof? Fabulous.
    Great news on Angela. She's in my prayers.


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