June 8, 2013

{simple saturday} my awkward life

Well, I'm not exactly sure what happened to last week's link-up configuration,
but I think I've straightened all that out now.

Anyhow, happy {simple saturday}, y'all!
Welcome back!

A little humor while trying to "live simply, so that others may simply live."
~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Some of the awkward things I've accidentally done to myself in the recent past.
- Stirring salt into my tea instead of sugar without realizing it, and then taking a big chug.

- Sitting down on my keys and stabbing myself in the rear.

- When a friend of mine are walking toward each other down a super long hallway, and we don't know if we're supposed to stare at each other until we meet up or look down, so we end up fiddling with our phones until we meet.

- Being exhausted and slap happy when I'm helping a friend film a project, and I'm supposed to be perfectly silent and still and serious and composed.  Yeah, that didn't happen.

- When I'm holding a pen in my teeth (in public) and I don't realize I'm drooling until it's dripping down the front of my shirt.

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  1. I have totally done the awkward walk towards someone and you don't know what you are supposed to look at...haha!

    1. I think everyone can relate to that "where do I look?" feeling. It is simply the most awkward situation! :)

    2. At least I know we're not alone... ;) Thank got for cell phones to fake-text with. LOL

  2. Oh my word... the whole pen-in-your-mouth-thing... you too? Gosh, I thought I was the only one!! LOL That is hilarious (but, of course, embarrassing, haha) :D


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