December 31, 2012

Lady Winter (Part 2)

{ photos are original - taken by me and edited by me }

{ happy new year }

{ happy birthday to the brother }

{ love, rickie }

December 30, 2012

Lady Winter (Photo-shoot With A Friend)

{ photos are original - taken by me and edited by me }

{ thank you to my dear friend, Liv, for a wonderful day }

{ more to follow }

December 28, 2012

Snapshots of My Life

Well, not my life per say... But here are just some pictures from the past few weeks.

Homemade Peppermint Bark.  
Feel free to comment or e-mail me (address on the contact page) 
if you'd like me to post the recipe.

The view from Mother's kitchen window.  The lake in the background sparkles so beautifully - especially when the surface is beginning to freeze.  Her fishing lure collection in the little jar her great-uncle used to deliver milk in.  Her wedding ring holder for when she is doing the dishes.  The tail of a Blessed Mother wind chime given to her by Sister.  The pinecone Christmas tree I made for her in preschool. (SO MUCH HISTORY ON A WINDOWSILL!!!  Remind me to write about that sometime.)

If you'd like me to post the DIY instructions for the mini-Christmas tree, comment or e-mail (address on contact page) and I would be happy to.  Surprisingly, I still know how to make those...

Grandmother used to string beads of all shapes, sizes, and colors together and hang them around her house.  Now we use them for Christmas decorations.  Look at the elephant!  It's carved out of wood.  So much detail.

Someone's enjoying the new snow!

Talk about streets of silver and gold!  I could barely see coming home from work on Christmas Eve.

The lights we used on the tree this year were a wee bit "disco-ey."  Fun!

I gave myself another haircut.  More bangs.

Mother's new Nativity scene.  I made the manger and the stable as a present; Father and Brother bought the figurines.

Merry Christmas!  Yes, it's still Christmas!

~ Rickie