July 22, 2014

emergency survival trunk essentials

A few months ago, I was bouncing down our field of potholes which some people like to call our road, and I noticed a terrific wooden trunk sitting on the side of the road next to the neighbor's trash bins.  It isn't anything special or unusual... just a little wooden box held together by metal clasps and painted a dark shade of green, but it looked old and rustic and homemade, and y'all know I have a weakness for things like that.  I wrestled it into my car, and just as my mother was rolling her eyes at me about the new stray thing I'd rescued from the side of the road, I thought, how cool would it be to make this into an emergency survival trunk to keep in my car?  So that's exactly what I did. Because you just never know what could happen.

(Plus, it's kind of cool to know I could run off and go camping at any given moment, only needing to throw a few extra things in a bag.)

July 16, 2014

featured blogger: devra @ the personalist project

Welcome to Featured Blogger at Country Girl's Daybook, a fun way to get to know some favorite bloggers and blogs in the little community we've made. Last month, I was joined by the lovely Jenna of Call Her Happy.  Today, I'm happy to introduce a wonderful lady known to me as "Mrs. Torres" (but you can call her Devra), whose daughter Miriam and I were part of the same homeschool program for years, and where we wreaked all kinds of havoc on the world. She runs a great family, this one. Please, pour a cup of tea and join us. Take a peek into her life!

July 10, 2014

ginger chicken stir fry {recipe}

Other than Italian, Chinese cuisine is undeniably my favorite. Man, I love a good stir fry. So, a few weeks ago, I made one. I began with a recipe I found online (which has since been lost to me), but I veered from the original plan and created my own. And today, I'd like to pass the spoon and show you lovely friends and readers how to make it for yourself.

I suppose this could also be called "stir fry stew," since I like my veggies cooked through and soft.

First off, get thee a cast iron skillet. I love ours. I suppose a "normal" pan would work for this, but nothing trumps cast iron for the best result.

Cast of characters:

July 5, 2014

morning glory muffins {recipe}

Muffins. I love muffins. And you can't get better than delectable, and healthy muffins. This is a new favorite in our house, a recipe given to my mother by the lovely lady she works for, and it is rapidly becoming a much-requested treat among my friends.

Behold, Morning Glory Muffins:

June 30, 2014

eat less more often - i can do that {recipe}

Eat less more often. So say many health "experts" about methods of staying fit and/or losing weight. So, that's what I've been trying to do, and not only do I feel stronger, lighter, and more energetic, but I now have a handful of fantastic one-person recipes to pass on to y'all! All of which are absolutely delicious, and some of which I figured out/invented all by my lonesome! How I love food experiments.

Here's one of my most recent favorites: blackened pan-grilled shrimp on lettuce with strawberries. Much less weird than it sounds, I promise you. Just look at the beauty.